Programmatic and RTB

Programmatic advertising has had a huge impact on online marketing the past few years. Programmatic helps to automate the media buying process by using artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time bidding (RTB) for online display, social media advertising, mobile and video campaigns.

Programmatic doesn’t entirely automate media buying. Trained experts need to set up campaign parameters correctly and constantly optimize campaigns. One can think of Programmatic and Demand-Side Platforms (DSP) as something like a jet airplane or a sophisticated race car. A jet or race car can only be properly and safely operated by a highly-trained professional who has undertaken hundreds or thousands of hours of training.

Globalis Media has a team of online advertising experts who have each been trained over 1,000 hours, and who have high-level expertise is using state-of-the art programmatic platforms, including several of the top DSP’s.