Globalis Media is a unique global online media solutions provider.

What makes us unique is our advertiser-centric approach

We are laser-focused on achieving advertiser objectives as cost-efficiently as possible.

We have helped many companies turn around their online marketing from a cost center to a profit center.


Our founder started his career as a brand manager, 

and spent years buying traditional and digital media. 

It's in our company DNA to put our advertisers first. 

Almost all online media networks, agencies, and other providers are publisher-centric. 

View their web sites and see their promises to pay publishers "the highest eCPM's".


We have run online media campaigns in more than 50 countries.                  

We run global, regional, national, and local campaigns. 

We excel in geo-targeting and language targeting.


We can discuss technology and toss around industry buzz words if you'd like. 

But most of our clients, a very savvy group of people and companies, 

don't care too much about the latest industry acronyms. 

Our clients want to know how much we can grow their business, 

and what the ROI will be on their online media spend.


Our people are smart, highly-trained, and responsive. 

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients and business partners.


We are passionate about our work, and compassionate toward our fellow human beings. 

Globalis Media actively supports people in need, including orphans and 

indigent elderly hospice patients in our community.