Globalis Media provides a broad range of online marketing services. Some companies have us managing their entire online marketing program. Other companies have us provide specific marketing services as part of their broader marketing efforts. Globalis Media’s services include the following:

campaign management

Our Campaign Managers and AdOps (Advertising Operations) experts have proven themselves over the years to be among the best in the industry. Our team has served more than 100 billion ad impressions, trafficked tens of thousands of ads, and managed thousands of ad campaigns. Our experts excel at all aspects of managing campaigns, including analysis and optimization, resulting in consistently terrific results for our clients.

creative optimization

Creative optimization is an important, yet under-appreciated aspect of online marketing. With our years of experience, vast industry knowledge, and keen insights, we help many of our clients to improve the creative aspects of their online marketing. We have helped clients create better display ads, text ads, landing pages, web sites, and on-site navigation and processes. We encourage advertisers to use A/B tests to facilitate creative optimization.

custom audience solutions

We know how to effectively create and implement custom audience solutions for our clients, including those provided by major online media platforms, as well as custom audiences built using first-party and third-party data. Our experts know how to set up and manage custom audience solutions across multiple platforms and all types of digital devices.

media buying

Our world-class media buyers typically achieve online advertising cost reductions of 25 – 50% for our clients. For advertisers using well-known media agencies that belong to huge global holding corporations, we often achieve cost savings of more than 50%.

mobile advertising

Mobile advertising campaigns are an increasingly important part of online marketing programs. More people now access the Internet via mobile devices than via desktop computers, laptops and tablets. Mobile ad campaigns require creatives, messaging, media buying strategies and tactics, and post-click strategies that are all mobile-specific.

Native Advertising

Native advertising often produces tremendous results if used properly. Our media buyers and campaign managers work with many leading native advertising platforms and help advertisers to leverage the power of native advertising.

online marketing audit

We typically achieve cost reductions of 25 – 50% in online advertising for advertisers that hire us to buy their media and manage their online marketing campaigns. Many companies initially engage us on a test basis – and are amazed when we reduce their online marketing costs by a large amount. Many companies have used test results with us to negotiate much lower costs with their other media agencies.

Some companies engage us as a consultant, having us audit their online marketing programs to identify tangible ways to significantly improve cost-performance.

Programmatic and RTB

Programmatic advertising has had a huge impact on online marketing the past few years. Programmatic helps to automate the media buying process by using artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time bidding (RTB) for online display, social media advertising, mobile and video campaigns.

Programmatic doesn’t entirely automate media buying. Trained experts need to set up campaign parameters correctly and constantly optimize campaigns. One can think of Programmatic and Demand-Side Platforms (DSP) as something like a jet airplane or a sophisticated race car. A jet or race car can only be properly and safely operated by a highly-trained professional who has undertaken hundreds or thousands of hours of training.

Globalis Media has a team of online advertising experts who have each been trained over 1,000 hours, and who have high-level expertise is using state-of-the art programmatic platforms, including several of the top DSP’s.


Retargeting has proven to be one of the most effective uses of online advertising technology. Users who have visited an advertiser’s Web site in the past are the best prospective customers. Using retargeting technology, Globalis Media can “retarget” users and show them an advertiser’s ads in the hours, days, and weeks after they have visited an advertiser’s Web site or clicked on an advertiser’s ad.

Click-through rates and conversion rates are much higher on retargeting ads than on regular banner impressions. Retargeting is easy to implement, with the advertiser simply embedding a retargeting tag on their web page. Retargeting reach can be increased by using several platforms simultaneously, by sharing cookie pools across platforms, and by implementing retargeting tags on partner sites.

Many advertisers and agencies commonly make mistakes in retargeting campaigns, including:

  • lack of user segmentation or incorrect segmentation
  • no language targeting
  • incorrect geo-targeting
  • incorrect or sub-optimal creative messaging
  • no or poor frequency capping
  • limited reach due to only using one platform

Globalis Media has been setting up and managing retargeting campaigns for many years. We implement retargeting campaigns properly and achieve excellent, cost-effective results for our clients.

search advertising

Globalis Media is a Google Certified Partner, with several of our Advertising Operations experts certified in Google AdWords and other Google platforms. Our AdOps experts pay close attention to all aspects of search campaigns, including creating and testing search terms, bidding strategies, etc.

Very often, advertisers are over-reliant on search advertising, and do not invest enough in display advertising. Internet users typically spend only 3 – 5% of their time using search, meaning that they can only possibly see search ads during that very limited time. On the other hand, users can see display ads 95 – 97% of the time they are online or using their smartphone.

While search advertising can play a useful role, display advertising has much lower cost per click costs than search ads, and can usually deliver a much higher volume of site visitors, leads, and sales than search ads.

social media marketing

Our social media experts help companies in all aspects of social media marketing, including creating social media accounts and pages, and managing social media ad campaigns. It is very important to use correct settings to run effective, cost-efficient social media marketing campaigns.

Video Advertising

Video has become a major part of online marketing. We manage video campaigns for many clients. We use best practices, such as using the cookie pool from YouTube video viewers and channel visitors to retarget users on other media platforms.