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Globalis Media was started in 2006 with the mission of saving online advertisers lots of money by using state of the art online advertising technology and world-class skills in media buying and campaign management. Over the past 9 years, we have saved online advertisers millions of dollars, and Globalis remains a leader in low-cost online marketing solutions. But don’t just take our word for it. Test our ability to reduce your online advertising costs absolutely risk-free. There are just a few simple steps to take to start reducing your online advertising costs by 20% or more:

1) Tell us about the campaign(s) for which you would like us to reduce your costs by at least 20%: what countries / states / cities, what contextual targeting, what type of media: text / display banners, video ads, mobile ads.

2) What is the metric on which you would like us to reduce your costs by at least 20%: CPM, CPC, eCPV, eCPA?

3) Tell us the number you would like us to reduce by at least 20%, and verify it via campaign reports to be shared with us on a confidential basis

4) Your actual total gross cost should be the basis for the metric we will beat. For example, if you bought 50,000 clicks for $0.08 CPC, your media cost is $4,000. If there was also an agency fee of $1,000 to buy your media and manage your campaign, then your total gross cost was $5,000, and your gross CPC cost was $0.10. This is the number we would guarantee to reduce by at least 20%.

5) Sign an insertion order for at least US $2,500. All terms and conditions are detailed in the insertion order.

6) Implement a Google DoubleClick remarketing (retargeting) tag supplied by us on your web site.

7) If the metric we are reducing for you is eCPA, implement a Google DoubleClick conversion tracking tag on your web site’s confirmation page.

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