Using Language Targeting for Better Campaign Performance

Language Targeting
Few networks or media agencies have high-level expertise in using language targeting for advertisers’ online marketing campaigns.

In Singapore, 50% of people speak Chinese as their primary language at home, while 32% speak English, 12% speak Malay, and 6% speak other languages as the primary language in their homes. It amazes us that many advertisers run their online ads in Singapore only in English. Unfortunately for them, their media agencies aren’t knowledgeable about language targeting. Globalis Media has been successfully leveraging the power of precise language targeting for our clients since 2006.

  • 22% of Canadians speak French as their primary language.
  • In the US, 12% of the population — 30,000,000 people — speak Spanish.
  • Belgium has three official languages: Flemish, French, and German.
  • 50% of Singaporeans speak Chinese as their primary home language

Companies and agencies without language targeting expertise might assume that countries with relatively homogenous populations speaking one common language don’t have opportunities to use language targeting. But Globalis Media has proven this to be wrong. We have helped airlines in Japan to build profitable marketing segments among the 2% of the population in Japan who are foreigners, by using our expertise in language targeting. And we have build sizeable business for many advertisers among the expatriate communities and non-native language speakers in countries in Asia and all over the world.

In many countries, Globalis runs creatives in both the native language and English, targeting each user based upon their default browser language settings. This has proven to be a very successful user targeting strategy for our clients in many countries.

Globalis usually uses language targeting combined with precise geographical targeting, contextual targeting, retargeting campaigns, and other strategies and tactics to show advertisers’ online ads to the right users, in the right place, at the right time.

Want to target Japanese users worldwide? Want to target Koreans in the Philippines, English speakers in Beijing, foreigners in Thailand, or Russian users outside Russia? Want to run language-targeted campaigns and retargeting campaigns to Singapore’s various population segments? Globalis Media manages these kinds of campaigns daily for clients in diverse industries and dozens of countries.

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